Antigua is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is the first Caribbean island one meets coming from Europe: It takes a four hour flight from New York, three hours from Miami and has an international airport that connects daily with the major European cities such as London, with two daily direct flights, Frankfurt and Milan with a weekly flight, New York, Miami, Toronto and Montreal with four flights a week and with all the Caribbean, as well as with other cities in the U.S., in Europe and South America.

With its 365 beaches, it is famous, not only for the incomparable natural beauty, but also for the wonderful climate that assures over 10 months a year of sunshine and breeze, ensuring an incredible pleasurable of outdoor life with temperatures not exceeding 30 ° during the day and 24 ° - 25 ° degrees at night and with the lowest percentage of humidity throughout the Caribbean. The island is also notable for the friendly and peaceful nature of its inhabitants, boasting a total absence of the typical problems of other Caribbean islands.